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Shipping Containers

Our comprehensive container solutions are customized to ensure complete sealing and have been designed to prevent tampering with the pressurization, safety, and the containing cargo. These containers can transport both dry and perishable cargo. We also have customized equipment containers and module containers to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Dry Freight Containers

RailTech’s dry freight containers have been manufactured with rust-resistant steel and are durable against the harshest conditions. The following container specifications and measurements have been provided to act as a guide for further purchase.

Conventional Dry Cargo Containers

  • 20/40 ft. conventional end open containers
    These containers are used for the movement of conventional dry cargo.
  • 20/40 ft. High Cube containers
    These containers are used more specifically for light but large cargo movement. The advantage of high cube containers is their additional height and added voluminous capacity.
  • 20 ft. Side Access Containers
    These containers have the advantage of sliding panels and can be used to transport cargo for domestic purposes. These are advantageous in places where there are chassis loading operations involved.
  • 22 ft. High Cube Domestic Containers
    These are exclusive containers with a higher voluminous capacity and additional height for the movement of large cargo.

Specialty Containers

  • 20 ft. and 40ft. Collapsible Flat Rack and Platform Containers
    These containers are specially used for the movement of machinery or equipment. Special permission has to be obtained before the movement of such cargo on railway networks.
  • 20 ft. and 40 ft. Open Top Containers
    These containers are designed to carry cargo that has to be handled with cranes and cannot be loaded through side panels or front doors. They can also be used for the movement of specific kinds of over-dimensional cargo.
  • 20 ft. Tank Containers
    These containers are used specifically for the movement of liquid cargo.

Customized Solutions

Our customized container solutions cater to the varied requirements of our clients. We customize our containers to ensure safety by producing containers safeguarded by ISO standards.

Function Advantages

RailTech's purpose-built facility features advanced equipment and a dedicated workforce with extensive industry-specific experience to deliver high-quality products.

Strong Processes

Our strong processes combined with the latest equipment ensure we produce the best products. We have assembled an experienced team that works to ensure we deliver punctuality, and quality, every day.


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