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Railway Components and Dry Freight Shipping Containers

Our Businesses

Railway Components

RailTech manufacturers a vast array of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal fabricated rail Components. With over Three decades of experience, the components can be tailored to suit varied requirements.

Dry Freight Shipping Containers

Expanding on RailTech’s over three-decade industry experience with railway components, we manufacture a complete range of “100% Made-In-India” Dry Freight Containers. A Wide range of standard dry freight containers, along with complex cargo systems, can be customized according to requirements.

In-depth industry experience

RailTech was established in the year 1990, to manufacture sheet/metal fabricated components for passenger coaches in the Indian Railways. After over 30 years of in-depth industry experience and success, RailTech has diversified from its core, ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabricated rail components to manufacturing a wide range of Dry Freight Shipping Containers.
We offer a vast range of products from modular Body/Shell fabrication, and Interior Furnishing fabrication, to Electrical fabrication for Passenger Coaches, Locomotives, and Metro Coaches.

Our Rail Components products range from modular Body/Shell fabrications, Interior Furnishing fabrication and Electrical fabrication, for all types of Passenger Coaches, Locomotives, and Metro Coaches.

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Customized and scalable solutions

Strategic partnerships and technology transfers with a few global industry leaders have enabled RailTech to provide customized and best-suited solutions for both the Dry Freight Shipping Containers and the Railways industry.

Each of these partnerships brings along new know-how, technology, and vast experience, and empowers RailTech to further enhance its product offerings for Dry Freight Shipping Containers and Railway Components.


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